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"The Hug" is larger than life. #CBJ #BattleOn [x]

"The Hug" is larger than life. #CBJ #BattleOn [x]

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i love how every player on team sweden’s name ends in “sson”:

karlsson, ekman-larsson, eriksson, ericsson (x2), alfredsson, hjalmarsson, johansson, etc.

how could you forget backstromsson, berglundsson, hagelinsson, krugersson, landeskogsson, nyquistsson, sedinsson, silfverbergsson, steensson, zetterbergsson, edlersson, kronwallsson, oduyasson, tallindersson, enrothsson, lundqvistsson

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"How will the Hawks respond now?" The commentators say after the Bruins score to make it 2-1 against the Hawks in the Stanley Cup Final game 6. OH TRUST ME. THEY’LL RESPOND. 

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